Rise and shine

This morning the sun is shining again. It is not super warm outside but Canadians are ready to show their skin. So am I 🙂

It is one more day where I recognize how far I have come this last year. I had a rough patch two years ago where I was very uncertain what I wanted with life. I didn’t know what I wanted and I had to make scary decisions, the hesitation and confusion were a huge torture. It took me all the guts I had left at 30 to jump from my comfort zone and start fresh.

One week from now, I complete my first year of college with straight A+ and amazing passion for what I do. Today I feel so steady. I worked really hard to figure out what I wanted with my life. It took me a lot of courage to accept what I wanted, to take the risk and commit myself to deal with the consequences. At this point, I am super grateful for every ounce of life that contributed to my journey. I feel confident and super happy. I know what I want to be and everyday I take one more step in that direction. My loving fiancé, an incredible addition to my joy walks by my side.

So grateful to be the owner of my life. I take full ownership for my success and failure. There is no bigger freedom than that.

If you are down today, if life is not going the way you want it. Take a step back and really acknowledge what you want. Then do whatever it takes to create it. Life is so short, we don’t have much time to dwell in the downhills of life. Rise and shine everybody. It’s time to live.

Desire to share

I have been feeling like writing publicly for sometime. I know that I am just a speck of dust in this humongous universe. But sometimes, I feel things that may be Worth sharing. After all, we learn so much from other people’s experiences. So I hope to add value to whomever comes across this blog.